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A personal chef makes your busy life easier. You no longer need to finish a long day of work only to begin wondering what you are going to cook, whether you need to go to the grocery store and the ensuing kitchen mess.

Recipes are customized to what you want when you want it. Meals can be low fat, or low-sodium, vegetarian or just about any other way you like them. I cook with the best ingredients, but work hard to seek out the best prices for my clients -- the freshest seafood, vegetables, dairy products and quality cuts of meats.

Many people initially wonder about the affordability of a personal chef. Consider what you are spending on take-out food, meals at restaurants, and convenience foods at the grocery store. Also consider what your time spent cooking, grocery shopping, and waiting on food is after work, and what that time is monetarily worth to you. I think you will be pleasantly surprised to discover how truly affordable this service is (if I am doing my job, you should even find yourself wondering how you ever did without it).

Our Personal Menu Service includes the initial face-to-face client assessment, customizing your menus, grocery shopping service, meal preparation in your home, packaging and cleanup.

Please email or call me for further information.


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